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Introducing our law firm

Detroit, Michigan

Home of the Great American Auto Industry &

 Great Labor & Employment Law Leaders

Introducing A New

Kind of Law Firm

KEITH JAMES, PLLC, is an innovative law firm dedicated to providing strategic  crisis management, investigative, HR, and complex legal services.


For corporations and in-house legal departments, large and small, we advise and counsel employers on a multitude of labor and employment matters. However, what truly sets us apart is our ability to provide a  "Double-Check" of HR and legal strategy decisions, and short-term, "bolt-on" HR and legal staffing to improve the quality of your corporate decision-making. 

For law firms and law firm executives, we provide strategic advice on developing lawyers, growing client revenue, managing difficult client relationships, and sophisticated labor and employment law analysis, of course.

Our Business Sectors


Crisis Management

In today’s volatile work environment, we help employers develop and implement policies that promote the health and safety of employees, customers and company assets both domestically and abroad. Beyond policy drafting, we train employees on how to use those policies and how to investigate and resolve incidents without delay.  When an emergency strikes, we are there with a step-by-step approach to assess risks and to implement post-incident strategies to stabilize situations as they occur.  When required, we work with law enforcement, health care and other professionals to obtain a broad view of the problems and solutions.


Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations come in a variety of forms with as many challenges. Whether it be in response to “#METOO,”   fraud, kickback or bribery claims, we know how to promptly identify legal, financial and reputational issues that may impact the outcome of an investigation. Our comprehensive investigation plan drives the scope and timing of the investigation. We are experienced in navigating the often murky waters of the attorney-client privilege preservation and the need to advise internal stakeholders up to the company board of directors.  Most importantly, our firm is committed to producing a report that can withstand third party attacks.


HR Advisory Services

Our HR Advisory Services provide comprehensive legal and HR resources.  Of course, this includes assisting your organization in deploying performance management, executive coaching, labor relations and other employee engagement  tools.  Not only do we partner with HR departments to enhance the quality of their services, we help mitigate HR & Compliance risks through a series of audits, policy analysis, and budgetary reviews.  We provide on-site personnel to facilitate better HR decisions and  we provide a "double-check" review of HR programs and decisions to further understand  the risks and rewards of a particular course of action. 


Complex Litigation

Since the 1930s, the American legal system has struggled with the inherent tension between financial capital and human capital.  Our firm is experienced in handling cases arising under many of the early and more modern labor and employment laws.  While the workforce has changed in that time, so have our labor and employment-related lawsuits. We handle a variety of claims relating to Wrongful Termination, Wage & Hour, Class or Collective Action, Discrimination, Harassment, Non-Competition,  Trade Secrets and Unfair Labor Practices.

Armed with this knowledge, we stand ready to litigate or mediate individual or collective actions.

Founding Member

"We use collaborative tools to push ourselves, our teams and to drive favorable, cost-effective outcomes. Our commitment to ethics and professionalism is never compromised by our desire to win." 

Keith James (2019)

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