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The Law Firm

 Founded in 2019

Our firm was created with a simple value proposition in mind: Work Hard & Work Smart. We aim to use innovation and 30 years of trial counsel and  Fortune 500 Labor & Employment Law Leadership experience to solve complex legal challenges.  We leverage existing corporate resources to further reduce fees and the cost of services.  We do so, without compromising quality or our standard of excellence. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to sophisticated legal, business and HR problems.  We believe in:


  • Fostering strong relationships with our global network of attorneys and HR professionals who are able to offer their assistance and thought leadership on matters affecting your organization.

  • Partnering with existing corporate  HR, Compliance and Legal resources and, when necessary, supplying seasoned HR and Labor Relations professionals to  smaller employers that need additional bench strength when making difficult decisions.

  • Coaching both new and experienced professionals on how to manage difficult relationships.

  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion throughout the firm and through out our client base.

  • Using innovative tools to promote workflow and process efficiencies.  


Since litigation, in many ways, is a costly last resort, we use the above tools to prepare for a multitude of potential outcomes. In sum, our goal is to assist you in solving legal, business and HR problems.

Our Vision

The future is now. Gone are the days of manual typewriters, carbon copies, facsimiles, and other antiquated means of communication.   We embrace technology as part of our vision.

Our vision is clear: Create Trusted & Long Lasting Relationships,  Provide High Value  Services, and  Provide The Highest Level of Integrity.


We provide real-time,  cost-effective and  strategic legal solutions for large and small employers alike. Our work areas include comprehensive crisis management, high-profile investigation planning and execution, strategic HR advisory services and complex labor & employment law counsel. For large employers, we will use our global network and resources to solve challenges. For small employers, we can provide sophisticated and in-depth human and legal capital to achieve strategic results.


National Labor & Employment Law Counsel

Keith James PLLC, Detroit Michigan, Strategic Legal Solutions, class action, crisis management, investigations, Me 2, Human Resources Advisory Services, Complex Litigation, Wage & Hour, FLSA, ADA, ADEA, NLRB, Unfair Labor Practice, National Labor Relations Board, EEOC

With 30 years of labor and employment law experience, Keith James has led a Fortune 500 labor & employment practice. He has managed a portfolio of cases ranging from complex wage & hour class actions to individual claims of harassment, wrongful termination and discrimination. He has successfully tried cases in federal & state courts and before federal & state labor boards. He has served as a lead labor negotiator and developed countless effective employee engagement strategies.

In private practice, Mr. James has represented both private and public employers, including automotive suppliers, automobile dealerships, "big box" retailers, home improvement product manufacturers, public universities, law enforcement agencies and local municipalities.


A frequent public speaker, Mr. James furthers his scholarship  interests by speaking to  judges, fellow lawyers &  HR executives on labor law matters. In 2017, he was chosen by the Michigan Judicial Institute to  speak to a conference of Michigan trial judges  on mediation strategies. On the faculty of the American Conference Institute,  he has led discussions on topics such as Wage & Hour Class Actions and Employment Discrimination.

Mr. James earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin Law School and  a Bachelor of Arts  in Economics & Management  from Albion College where he was a member of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Service. He has been recognized as a Top Corporate Counsel by DBusiness Magazine (2018) and Top Employment Counsel by First Chair (2012, 2014 & 2016).

Admitted in Michigan & Wisconsin

Email: | Tel: 248-871-7728

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Top Employment Counsel

Work Hard &  Work Smart

Value 01.

Trusted  & Lasting Relationships

We value our relationships with other law firms, lawyers, judges, mediators and, most importantly, our clients. For this reason, we  learn your industry, your markets, and your customers. Armed with this information, we seek to provide sage counsel. Yes, we prod, we poke, and we challenge with the hope of helping you to make the best decision under the circumstances. Why? Because we believe that there is no substitute for solid preparation and highly effective collaboration.

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