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High Profile Investigations

In Some Cases, A Poor Investigation Is Worst Than No Investigation At All

The failure to investigate claims of harassment, for example, will subject your organization to legal liability. But why risk a sloppy investigation or no investigation at all when we can help?


Our investigation services are designed to get at the truth. The road to the truth, however, requires patience and a natural inclination to avoid the temptation to "rush to judgement."  We investigate a variety of matters ranging from financial fraud, bribery, kickbacks, harassment, discrimination, compliance, spear phishing, accounting irregularities to other issues involving corporate misconduct. 

Our firm is experienced in developing investigative protocols, reviewing existing investigation process maps and final reports prepared by the company. Furthermore, we can either manage your investigation or conduct the complete investigation ourselves.  Either way, a truthful, well-managed, and well-deliberated report is what will serve you best.

Investigation Services

Corporate Investigation Protocols, Review  & Drafting

Corporate Investigation Training

Corporate Investigation Management

Corporate Investigation Project Plan

Investigation Decision/Outcome Assessment

Investigation Process Audit

Investigation Types

Financial Fraud, Spear Phishing 

Accounting Irregularities




Executive/C-Suite Misconduct


 30 Years of  Labor & Employment Law Exprience

Request an Opinion

We can help. We can draft policies, review decisions, evaluate strategies, and defend claims.

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