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Complex Employment Litigation

Traditional Labor Law & Administrative Claims

Our firm has the resources and knowledge to defend and prosecute an array of  federal and state administrative work related claims. In the traditional labor law sphere, we have experience developing corporate labor law strategies and defending a multitude of unfair labor practice charges and grievances. Our founder has tried cases and established law before the National Labor Relations Board and the Michigan Employment Relations Commission.

Beyond labor relations, we represent employers before federal and state labor departments and civil rights agencies.  Our experiences include a variety of claims from the early charge stages through successful jury-verdict or summary dismissal.

Handling All Facets of Litigation

Our litigation philosophy centers around the development of a comprehensive and vigorous defense strategy that begins with early case resolution and ends with a final verdict.  Along the way, we deploy effective discovery techniques and motion practices to narrow issues for the judge, jury or arbitrator. We do not shy away from the prospect of trying a case. We embrace it. At the same time, however, we work diligently to avoid the high cost of litigation or fighting a case only to settle in the 11th hour for the same amount as could be obtained through early case resolution.

Our litigation experience covers a cross-section of industries, including automotive, housing, commercial and residential real estate, mass-tort litigation, higher education, police misconduct and small business litigation. Moreover, we litigate specific types of wrongful discharge, whistleblower, wage & hour, discrimination & harassment (sex, race, national origin, religious, disability & LGBT),  unfair competition, governance, and benefit claims. 


Prior to the formal filing of a claim and, at several points throughout the litigation process once instituted, we encourage you to consider a variety of alternate dispute resolution techniques, either voluntarily or as imposed by the court. Our founder, Keith James, an experienced arbitrator and court appointed mediator (case evaluator), not only knows how to try cases before a judge or jury, but he works hard to resolve cases as quickly as possible.

 30 Years of Labor & Employment Law Experience 

Request a Case Review

At the outset of any litigation, tempers are high and fear of uncertainty abounds. This is the time when a steady hand is necessary to map out a an early resolution strategy and/or a vigorous defense that fully accounts for protracted discovery, pre-trial motions, trial theories and appellate issues.

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