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HR Advisory Services

HR Strategies

Human Capital, consisting of people and their ideas, is the most valuable form of capital in any organization. The management of Human Capital is an essential, regardless of whether an organization is in growth or contraction mode.  This means creating an open culture, developing talent, engaging employees, ensuring compliance and responding to the everyday concerns of the workforce.  In the growth mode, we can help you identify pain points and opportunities for rewarding employees. In the contraction mode, we use a plethora of tools to right-size your organization while minimizing the adverse impact on people and your corporate culture.


Our firm has a number of strategies to effectively manage Human Capital.  Our key strategies consist of:

  • Effective Employee Onboarding, Performance Management, Counseling & Coaching

  • Effective Management/Labor Relations

  • "Double-Check" Review of Controversial HR Decisions

  • Policy Drafting & Implementation

  • HR Training

  • Supplementing HR Executive Services

  • HR/LEGAL Budget Review

These tools are designed to assist you in mitigating day-to-day legal risks related to your workforce.

HR Risk Mitigation

We believe that HR Strategies are most effective when tested outside of the courtroom. For this reason, we count on our years of experience in the courtroom and in the boardroom to improve your HR structure and decision-making outcomes. To mitigate risk, we institute alternate dispute resolution programs consisting of mediation  and arbitration. We review pending state, federal and administrative claims to ensure that your strategies are sound. We conduct specific Wage & Hour Compliance testing and review your corporate intake and reporting processes.

Perhaps the best value in our HR Advisory services is  the value derived from our HR Audits. In this capacity, we examine your:

  • Immigration Compliance

  • Record Retention Practices

  • Data Privacy Processes

  • Wage & Hour Practices

  • Compliance & Ethics Programs

  • Talent & Succession Planning Programs

  • EEO/Diversity & Inclusion Programs

  • Affirmative Action and Government Contracting Programs

  • Hiring & Firing Programs, including Employment At Will

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Programs

Whether utilized individually or collectively, we believe that HR Audits can effectively identify risks before they happen.

 30 Years of  Labor & Employment Law Exprience

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We can help. We can draft policies, review decisions, evaluate strategies, and defend claims.

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