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Uptick In Anonymous #METOO Claims Underscores NEED For Effective HR Programs

Your compliance program should not be a mere window-dressing. Bloomberg has confirmed that the number of anonymous gender, age, race, and national origin, and those alleging sexual harassment and harassment based on gender have doubled in the wake of the hashtag#METOO Movement. These claims also appear to be on track to remain at a high level. As courts struggle with the issue of whether alleged victims should be allowed to come forward under an alias, the critical issue concerns the measures taken by the company and its HR department to investigate and resolve those claims. A robust compliance and training program, together with empathetic and effective HR professionals, is the surest way to detect and resolve claims prior to costly litigation. Our firm is committed to working with your company to protect shareholders and principals from costly litigation. We can assist with crisis management, investigations, and providing additional HR/Legal support, including HR audits and policy development.

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